links of the week


Guys. Spring is almost here...I can feel it! We're supposed to hit 40 degrees in Chicago this weekend and I couldn't be more excited about it. Sure, 40 isn't 75, but i'll take it! 

Thank you all for your sweet words in response to my post about our engagement pictures this week. I can't wait to share more wedding details with you!

Now, onto my favorite links of the week...

In case you haven't heard, Shopbop is having a major sale. I'm trying to convince myself to finally buy a Clare V. clutch. Loving this leopard print one and this neutral one.
It's no secret that I love hearing about other people's favorite beauty products. Molly's post about her eyelash routine sparked my interest this week. I've heard great things about Nuelash!
I'll be giving my nightstand a makeover after viewing Julia's Jewelry Display post. How cute are those catchalls?
Loved this post about The 5 Rules of Daytime Makeup You Should Be Following. This is especially true for us working gals.

I hope you have a great weekend! I'll be exploring a couple of Chicago's best workout studios via class pass this weekend, and can't wait to share my thoughts with you next week!

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