Welcome to my first fitness files post! As I mentioned last week, my obsession with class pass has inspired me to document my fitness journey as I prepare for my big day. 

Sunday, I took my first Flywheel class. Holy hell I got my ass kicked, but in the best way possible. I took the "Fly 45" class with Candy at the Old Town studio. Each class takes place in a dark room with bikes arranged in stadium seating so everyone has a good view of the instructor. You're instructed to watch the screen on your bike, which displays your "torq" "resistance", RPM, and your power output (current and total). You're total power is ranked in comparison with everyone else in the class, which is where things get interesting. If you have an ounce of competitive drive, this will get to you and you will push yourself. While this all may sound intimidating, you are still encouraged to do things at your own pace. 

On Tuesday, I took the classic "Barre Code" class at The Barre Code on Michigan Avenue. I really  want to like this studio, but I didn't love this class. To be fair, it was the instructors first class so that could have attributed how I was feeling after the class. I'm not giving up yet! I've heard great things about this method and hopefully third time's a charm. 

It was back to the barre on Thursday, this time at Exhale spa. Yes, you read that right. A spa. Exhale specializes in Core Fusion classes. I took the Core Fusion Barre class with Jenna and I loved it! While the routine was similar to a pure barre class, there were only 8 of us in a small narrow room. The smaller class size made it feel like a personal training session, which meant there was no hiding. Taking a break from a pose or dropping to your knees during pushups was not an option. Oh, and I was officially shaking like a tree during our third plank series. Lastly, the whole spa aspect is amazing. I'm planning on taking a class before work this week just so I can get ready in the locker rooms ;)

As if my thighs weren't sore enough I took my first Pure Barre class here in Chicago on Saturday. If you didn't know, I'm a Pure Barre fanatic and while it's been a long time since my last class, I used to go about 3-4 times a week when I lived in Cincinnati. The class was like visiting an old friend, I picked up right where I left off. The music was great, the thigh and seat work were intense and the instructor was fierce - all the great makings of a barre class. If you haven't tried PB yet, I highly encourage you to.

After a full week of classes, I'm ready for the next one. Any readers here in Chicago - I'd love to take a class together :)

Have a great week friends!

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