are you ready for yoga sculpt?

Guys.. I finally tried Corepower's Yoga Sculpt class. I've been gearing up to take this class every since signing up for class pass and viewing the Corewpower class offerings. If you're a Corepower fan, you know that they definitely caution you before taking this class. The website strongly suggests that you take 1 or 2 CP1 or 2 classes before venturing into sculpt territory. Of course, the over achiever in me decided that one Hot Power Fusion, one CP1, and two CP2s would prepare me for "weights added to the CorePower Yoga 2 (C2) sequence, creating resistance and intensifying each pose" in 95 degree heat. 

I took the 5:30PM class at the West Loop studio on Wednesday of last week. The studio was my favorite CP studio so far, I believe it's the newest and it even offers parking. After settling into class, I knew I was in for it after the instructor apologized for how humid the studio was going to be because of the weather.

We started out in the normal CP2 flow. If you're new to CP this is basically a vinyasa flow. Then we picked up our weights. You're encouraged to pick up a set of light and heavier-ish weights before class, I grabbed 3lb and 5lb weights. We started using the weights as an overhead press to accompany our crescent lunge pose, moved into tricep kickbacks, curls and a serious squat series. There was a cardio circuit in the middle which got really interesting. Imagine 50 very sweaty people doing jumping jacks, someone is bound to slip. Despite an almost wipe out - I survived and we moved into the ab series. At the end I was begging for my mom, and child's pose, but it was definitely an amazing workout. 

Recommended fitness level: Intermediate - not for folks who are just getting back into working out
Similar to: Bootcamp 
Soreness Level: 4 (scale of 1-5) disclaimer - i took a barre class 12 hours afterwards which may have added to the serious thigh pain 
Would I go back? Absolutely 

Have any of you tried Corepower's yoga sculpt class? What did you think!?

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