soulcycle chicago


Welcome to the neighborhood, Soulcycle Chicago! As you know, I'm a bit of a fitness junkie, so naturally when I heard that Soulcycle was coming to Chicago I couldn't wait to try the workout that is arguably the "hottest class" in NYC. Last week I was lucky enough to join my Windy City Bloggers in Old Town for a class.  

If you're new to Soulcycle, it's an indoor cycling class set to loud, highly energetic music. Soulcycle focusses on the community rather than competition. While the instructor challenges you keep up with the beat of the music, there is no official "score" or resistance level used to measure your success. That being said, this class is not easy by any means. You spend the majority of the class hovering over your seat, or in cycle terms "out of the saddle" which is guaranteed to cause those thighs and tush to burn. There is also an arms section 30 minutes into the class which had my arms shaking in no time. 

The biggest difference between Soulcycle and other cycle classes that I've taken? The ambiance and the "moves/choreography". The bikes are very close together to really play up the community feel and inspiring words/phrases are painted on the walls. The instructor is surrounded by candles which provide a really cool feel when the lights are turned off. The's hard to explain, but you are literally dancing on the bike. 

So, what did I think of Tuesday's class? It was an crazy calorie torcher/dance party set to the beat of an amazing playlist. I came into the class stressed out after a crazy couple of days at work and left rejuvenated, inspired and a little sore. A big thank you to the Soul Cycle Old Town crew, especially our instructor Anthony for having us! 

For my local gals, if you're dying to try Soulcyle Hallie Wilkins of Corals and Cognacs is teaching a class tonight (Tuesday) in Old Town at 8:30! I'd love to see you there! 

image via Soulcycle