skin care breakdown - Morning routine

Le's face it, shopping for skincare products can be intimidating. There's a million different products that claim to treat different things and before you know it, you're either racking up a $200+ charge on your credit card after a Sephora employee drops a number of "must-have" items in your bag, or you leave the store empty-handed heading home to a large class of wine. In either case, it's overwhelming and a confusing, especially for a 20-something.

As a 20-something you may not notice a big change in your skin but you should definitely change up the skin care routine you adopted early in life, or in some cases finally start one. Your 20's is all about preserving. Again even if you don't notice changes, your skin is maturing (aging) and you need to start protecting it. After A LOT of research and trying my fair share of products I'm ready to decode the skincare counter for you. In order to gently introduce you to this concept, I'm going to start with the morning first. Don't worry, I'm not telling you you need to buy day and night versions of everything. I've also listed options that I recommend at different price points. 

This routine lists the order that you should apply products after you wake up in the morning. Disclaimer: I have sensitive/normal skin, so these specific products may not be right for you, but adopting a routine that works is what counts! 

Gentle Cleanser 
When you wake up your face shouldn't be THAT dirty, especially if you washed your face the night before. So, it's important to grab a gentle cleanser in the morning rather than a harsh cleanser (something with salicylic acid) to gently clean your skin without stripping it. These are my favorites:

Neutrogena naturals cleanser // Caudalie cleaning milk // Fresh cleanser

A crucial step that is often skipped in a skin care routine. You just washed your face with tap water which has chemicals in it that can dehydrate your complexion. A toner  instantly  removes these impurities and hydrates your face. It also restores the PH balance which evens your skin tone. My favorites are below, the Fresh toner smells amazing which is a great bonus.


Simple soothing toner // Clarins lotion toner // Fresh black tea toner

These little guys are my new favorite. Naturally, they are super concentrated and packed with great benefits. You can find different serums that treat your unique skin needs, but I tend to stick with the anti-aging serums that moisturize, firm and brighten skin.  

Origins face oil  // Tarte maracuja oil // Clarins double serum 

Eye Cream
If you start applying ONE product, other than sunscreen, to your face early in life it should be an eye cream. Why? Your skin under your eye is completely different from the rest of your face. It's incredibly thin and delicate which is why the first signs of aging appear here. Plus, there are minimal oil glands around your eyes to help keep the skin naturally hydrated. 

Yes to Blueberries eye treatment // Origins Ginzing eye cream // Clarins eye concentrate

This one's a no brainer. Just use one! 

Sephora instant moisturizer // Fresh youth preserve face cream

Last but not least, sunscreen! 

Check back next week for the night routine. What products do you use for your morning routine? I'd love to hear any recommendations!