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Today, I've decided to give a sneak peak into the wedding planning process. We're only a short five months away and honestly, everything has been so easy so far! I'm sure I'm jinxing myself, but we've held true to what we envision for our today which has made the decision making process almost effortless. 

The first decision that we had to make was our venue. Since we got engaged in December, we knew we wouldn't have a full 12 month engagement but didn't want to sacrifice our venue because of the "tight" timeline. Side note: I'm convinced that women all over the nation are holding venues years in advance in hopes that their boyfriend finally pops the question. 

While a couple of the venues we originally were interested in weren't available on our date, there were aspects to each venue that I wasn't crazy about which kept me encouraged that the perfect venue was around the corner. When it came down to it, we were deciding between an old church in Cincinnati that is being restored to an event space and the Taft Museum. While the thought of a brand-new venue was super exciting, the stress of not knowing exactly when it would be done and what it would look like (having a design background I know that renders can be tricky) we decided to book the Taft museum.

Inspiration from previous Taft Museum weddings

Inspiration from previous Taft Museum weddings

After viewing the venue I could not be more happy about our decision. It is literally a blank canvas, an open courtyard, where we will be able to put our personal touches on everything from the lighting and draping to the bar decor. I've always dreamed of having a tented reception, but put those dreams aside after choosing Cincinnati as our destination. Thankfully the Taft is able to make this dream a reality with a tent that is built to handle crazy Cincinnati weather and inside options for guests as well. We're still finalizing small details, but I cannot WAIT to see our vision come to life. 

Is it October yet?? 

image cred
taft museum // couple portrait via arielle doneson // ceremony space via laura fisher photography

tented space via stacey downey // chairs & lighting via brittany bowen photography