june beauty buys

REVLON LIP STAIN - I rediscovered the the cult following Revlon lip stain this month and found a new favorite lip color for Summer. It's called "Lovestruck" and is the perfect bright pink. It also has serious staying power and is very easy to manage, application wise. 

EVIAN MINERAL WATER SPRAY - You know those bins full of things you definitely don't need by the check out area at Sephora? Yep. These babies were an impulse purchase, but have quickly become an item that I have with me at all times. One spritz after a workout class, before happy hour or post-flight refreshes your face/makeup and is the perfect pick-me-up. 

TWEET TWEET MEOW MEOW MEOW DEODORANT - Yes, you read that right. This product has quite the name. If you haven't heard...the ingredients in most deodorants are incredibly harmful and toxic to your body. Aluminum, for example, has been linked to Breast Cancer. Oh, and some of these products even contain Propane...which just sounds like a horrible ingredient to rub into your pores. So, after trying many natural deodorants that are on the market my coworker recommended "Tweet Tweet Meow Meow" which is considered the best on the market. It takes awhile to get used to the new application process, but it honestly works just as well as regular deodorant. If you're looking to change to a natural alternative, check this one out! 

SABON BODY SCRUB - This scrub is amazing. I'm new to the scrub category but have been converted to a serious advocate after using this product. It's a sugar/salt scrub that exfoliates your skin and leaves a film of moisture that stays on your skin skin which makes your skin SO soft. The lavender vanilla scent is my favorite, but if you have a chance to stop by a Sabon store I highly recommend it so you can test their products and scent offerings. 

ORIGINS A PERFECT WORLD MOISTURIZER - After a terrible sunburn incident around Memorial day I splurged for an every-day moisturizer with decent SPF. Apparently anything under 20 in a moisturizer doesn't protect you from the sun. As an Origins fan I picked up the "A Perfect World Moisturizer". Honestly, I'm disappointed with this product. Sure it get's the job done, but it feels like a moisturizer was mixed with sunscreen so it's heavy on your skin and doesn't smell great. 

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Send me any must-haves for July and I will add them to my next haul.