fitness files - leg day

I'm brining back my weekly fitness files series in hopes of starting 2016 off strong! Last year I had a pretty powerful motivator for keeping on-track, my wedding, and managed to hit my fitness goals. That being said, it's safe to say that I fell off the wagon and have been dragging my feet about getting back into a routine since the holidays. 

So, here's hoping that this blog of mine, and the awesome community, will keep me accountable! Now onto my fitness highlights of the week...don't get too excited...

I worked out one day last week...ONE day. 

With the best intentions, my first workout of the week was a butt and legs circuit that I found on Pinterest via workoutlabs (actual PIN here). I was excited about getting back into strength training and decided that I would focus on weights Monday and Wednesday, getting back into cardio on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Guys...Monday's workout was SO intense that I could not move a muscle without wincing until Friday. Overdoing it, combined with a nasty cold, interrupted the rest of my fitness journey this week. But, if you are up to a challenge, and have been strength training consistently for a few weeks, I would definitely recommend this circuit for a literal butt-kicking. 

I hope your week was more successful than mine on the fitness font, now off to a barre class in hopes of starting this week off right :). 

image via pinterest, via fitgirlsdiary